Thank you for providing us with instrumental improvements We want to thank you. Because of your feedback, we have implemented instrumental improvements which have radically improved our service. Our customer satisfaction has risen to 99.83% in this final quarter of the year and it is all because of people like yourselves who provide us invaluable feedback. For a little bit of backstory, at the beginning of the year we decided to dedicate a staff member to focus on our workflows and to hone our service even further. It worked. We managed to introduce several changes – big and small – company-wide that have seen us improve beyond all expectations. We now lead the industry in customer satisfaction. We selected the 10 instrumental improvements. 1. Client Review Period Introduced This has regularly been a feature of our more detailed services, but we decided to extend it for all our packages. Now all clients have the option to review the work within three days (depending on deadline) to amend or ask for stylistic tweaks for FREE. Although typically our client review period is 2-3 days, it can be a bespoke period to suit your needs. 2. LQA Process Implemented This is a brand new process that we believe to be the magic of our service now. For all projects over 5000 words, we have automatically added a Linguistic Quality Assurance (LQA) with an independent reviewer for an extra QA step 3. Detailed Glossaries Automated terminology extraction to build detailed glossaries for clients’ terms to ensure that the specificities of your content remains consistent while providing more efficient translation. By arranging a glossary of terminology, it is quicker for you and allows the translator to spend more time on the good stuff. 4. Urgent Projects Something that our competitors continually avoid! At Wolfestone, we pride ourselves on our ability to turnaround such deadlines. That is why at Wolfestone we will always find a way to complete your urgent project with realistic goals and full transparency. 5. Increase in Provider QA Tests We have always tested our providers but due to recent expansion in our vendor management team, we now test our providers even more frequently to ensure they are up to the standard we expect. This also means an increase in vendor management watching over projects to spot-check their quality. Knowledge management being upheld with our intranet, one of our instrumental improvements 6. Providers Evaluated on Responsiveness and Client Feedback Further than that, the project managers and vendor management teams have co-ordinated with evaluations on providers’ responsiveness as well as the initial client feedback regarding the quality of the work. Although this was done beforehand, the synergy between departments and increase in both teams allows for more detailed evaluations. 7. Improved QA System Our Quality Assurance system is always looking for ways to improve. This year, we added more automated checks to it for a more consistent, precise QA. 8. Upgraded Intranet This improvement allows for great consistency in knowledge management within the company to cement the reliable service we strive for. 9. Increased Training for Project Managers One of our values we love to instil in the company is an investment in people. That is why we increased training for PMs outside of their multilingual wheelhouse so that they can manage all of our clients’ needs. Communication is now much smoother with this process in place because you have a one-stop-shop for all your queries. 10. Additional Training for Sales Team Sales team now are more versed in the technical side of translation by knowing how to handle files themselves to provide clarity in their service to you. Different file types can cause issues in translation or cause issues if certain file types are for specific software, the training has allowed sales to identify potential issues to communicate clearly and effectively with the client so that all cards are on the table. We are really pleased to see so much progress in order to improve our customer service. Although there were many more improvements put into place because of recommendations by our most valuable resource: you. We want to issue our sincere gratitude in helping us to our most successful year and providing the best possible service for yourselves. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction. Be another satisfied client and look at our services to see how we can help you.