Happy Birthday to us! We're now entering our tenth year of business as translation specialists. To celebrate this monumental achievement of travelling the world linguistically, we decided to
  1. share some yummy donuts, you can enter to win 12 boxes of Krispy Kremes here
  2. run a series of blogs relating to the number 10!
  3. gather some interesting statistics from our run as a top-notch translation service.
Ten years ago, the world was without Instagram, selfie was not yet in the dictionary and Miley Cyrus wasn’t even Hannah Montana yet. Back then our founders noticed that translation companies were not being as efficient as they could be. Other translation companies were run by translators, not business people. That’s why Anna Bastek and Roy Allkin worked together to create a translation company by business-minded people that would revolutionise translation workflows. The founders had a plan to provide more than a translation service, it was raise the entire standard of the industry – that is still their intention. Here are 10 of the most intriguing statistics about us in our 10 years!
  1. We now translate and provide global marketing services in over 200 languages.
  2. We have over 30 awards and are nominated for more.
  3. We've carried out 88,107 translation jobs.
  4. We are trading in 4 countries with offices in New York, Berlin, London and Swansea.
  5. We've done work for the Pope and big companies like Coca-Cola, Gap, IBM and BBC.
  6. Our current client count is 17,000.
  7. We created 1 spin-out company, VoiceBox, to cover all our multimedia projects.
  8. We regularly donate to Translations Without Borders and Save the Children.
  9. We've green accreditation due to our recycling, teleconferencing and solar panel roof.
  10. Over 400 young people have benefited from work placements and internships with us.
One aspect of Wolfestone that we, as a company, are most proud of is our ethics. We often say here that business is about more than profits because it is about giving back to the community – micro and macro. Our internship programme is one that we are most proud of, offering the opportunity for 40 people a year to experience full-time employment with us. For our tenth year, we will continue to post some more fun facts about ourselves within this fantastic industry that has given us so much. We look forward to another 10 years to celebrate!