must attend events for exportersWhether you are currently exporting or you are just getting started and leaping into the unknown, attending exporter’s events can be very beneficial for your business. From networking events to workshops and conferences, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 events every exporter must attend this year.

1. Global Manufacturing Festival

Why: It’s a two day event aimed at small and medium sized enterprises to help them understand the supply chains for a broad range of high growth market sectors, and where to invest to gain future business. When: 24 - 25 June Website:

2. International Festival for Business

Why: This two month long event is suitable for anyone who wants to build international connections and grow commercial value. This year’s IFB is set to have a larger international reach than ever before, connecting UK businesses with international markets and providing a place where entrepreneurs can discuss business opportunities . The IFB is supported by UKTI and the British Chamber of Commerce. When: June - July Website:

3. Going Global Live

Why: This event is organised twice a year and although the first event has already passed, you can still attend the second one this November. Held over two days, this event brings together UK businesses that are looking to expand internationally. You will be able to network and gain information or assistance on exporting overseas, particularly in Europe and the BRICS countries. When: 27 - 28 November Website:

4. eCommerce Expo

Why: According to a recent report by “Britain’s Retail E-mpire”, international e-commerce is set to grow seven-fold to £28bn by 2020, so attending this event is a must! The conference is dedicated to online selling, strategy and implementation. When: 1 - 2 October Website:

5. Open to Export

Why: This website provides SMEs with access to a wide range of workshops, classes, training courses, webinars, and networking events organised throughout the year. By taking part, your business can learn more about trading overseas, conducting market research, breaking into specific market sectors and even website optimisation. When: Throughout the year – check the website Website: Considering that the UK’s exports are set to increase by more than 30% over the next 5 years, attending the above events will be great for your business! Even if you are not exporting yet, one of these great events could change your mind, and open up your business to new and exciting international opportunities. Are you planning on attending any of these events? Let us know in the comments below.

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