With the global market for outsourced language services predicted to hit $56 billion by 2021, it seems clear that many international organisations now understand the numerous benefits of adapting products and services to suit their target market.

For the most part, this means investing in professional translation services to ensure that potential customers can access said products or services in the language they feel most comfortable using.

But with a rapidly-growing industry comes a rapidly-growing workload for translation agencies, and the people at the forefront of dealing with new business are the unsung superheroes of the translation industry: Project Managers.


So what exactly is a project manager's role?

Project Managers are multitasking maestros. For each translation project, they must communicate with the client, source suitable translators in a myriad of languages, negotiate pay rates, set and stick to deadlines, all the while employing incredible attention to detail.

They are also experts of mediation. Sandwiched between the needs of the clients and the ability of the translator to complete the project on-schedule and to a suitably high standard, they must use their Project Manager superpowers to smooth out potential issues before they even arise, all while maintaining patience, good humour and a professional demeanour.

Like we said, the unsung superheroes of the translation industry!

5 things every project manager wants you to know

As talented as Project Managers are, their superpowers rarely extend to mind-reading.

That’s why every client working with a Project Manager also has a responsibility to ensure the project goes as smoothly as possible.

So here are five things every Project Manager wants their clients to know:

Nothing is impossible (within reason)

Whether you have a tricky file type, a hard-to-source language or an urgent deadline, our Project Managers are likely to have dealt with something similar before and will endeavor to get the job done every time.

Even if your project seemingly verges on the impossible, why not get in touch and ask for a quote? You’ll be surprised how often Project Managers can make the impossible possible.

There's no such thing as a silly question

Whether it’s your first or fiftieth time working with a translation agency, Project Managers understand that you’re going to have questions. Don’t feel as though you should know the answer, and don’t be afraid to ask.

A graphic illustrating the multifaceted role of a translation project manager

It’s crucial to open a dialogue with your translation Project Manager as soon as possible so that you are both clear about each other’s expectations from the project. After all, there’s nothing worse than discovering that something hasn’t been carried out in the way you expected an hour before the project deadline.

Keep your project manager in the loop

Project Managers want to know everything that’s going on with your project, and just as there is no such thing as a silly question, there’s no such thing as bombarding your Project Manager with information. Their job is to orchestrate the perfect outcome for your project, so the more information they can pass onto the translator, from company style guides to contextual titbits, the better.

Equally, if there is a delay in preparing your files to send for translation, or you need to move the project deadline, let your Project Manager know as soon as possible. Once they are aware, they can work their magic to ensure the project is completed on-schedule.

Honesty is the best policy

If there is clear communication and pre-established expectations on both sides, 99.9% of projects will be successful. But if you ever end up in a situation in which a project hasn’t been completed in the way you envisioned, be honest with your translation Project Manager. Their priority is complete client satisfaction, and they will do everything in their power to accommodate your needs and ensure that you have a positive experience.

Feedback is important

Translation Project Managers are perfectionists, so if something could be improved upon, they will want to know.

Equally, if you’ve received an excellent service, tell them! There’s nothing better than getting positive feedback, and here at Wolfestone we are always looking to shout about our proven ability to provide high-quality language services and an unparalleled client experience. Just look at what our past clients have said here.