Fuel suffers from being a finite amount. Renewable energy does not have this problem which is why the industry seeing an enormous growth annually. Many countries are now putting green initiatives as a main part of plans of action. The switch is happening now, but can you provide for the worldwide demand? Renewable energy is a global sector and market. Despite the belief that it might be a more Western-centric idea, occurring more in North America and Europe, but the majority of countries in the top 10 are outside these continents. China, for example, has planned to produce 20% of their energy through renewable sources to wean off fossil fuels. The world is in demand of infinite energy. Don’t stay local. Take your business everywhere and here’s why you should do it. Renewable Energy - Wind Farm

Renewable energy to double by 2030

The World Record Institute accumulated data from around the world for an extensive, detailed report that looks into the world’s current renewable energy plans. In its introduction, they refer to 8 major economies with plans to double their renewable energy reliance in the next decade-and-a-half. Other countries have committed to a more ambitious figure. Brazil, India, Japan, Mexico and the United States plan to quadruple their renewable energy usage by 2030. That would bring their figures up to 246GW of energy produced in a clean manner. Countries benefitting from climate funds - renewable energy

It’s not always the countries you expect…

Last year saw $131bn invested in developing countries. Top of the list were not the usual suspects of Western countries from North America or Europe; instead China, India, Brazil and South Africa were all in the top 10 investing countries which may be a surprise to you. China are a main contributor to CO 2 emissions which is to be expected considering its size, but the nation has begun to take initiative on the issue by focusing on renewable energy and clean, efficient nuclear energy to replace fossil fuels. Renewable Consumption Worldwide from 1998 to 2014

Green is clean

Simple enough really: green is clean. Sustainability is the key to a prosperous business and if there was a continuation in not using sustainable methods, there would be no future to do business in. Corporations all have a social responsibility to ensure that there is a future, a healthy one that will sustain further global growth. This may be getting a little Disney, but it is an important consideration. Although you know already know this, sometimes the obvious is worth repeating to put it at the forefront.

33% of Germany’s energy is renewable

On July 25 th of this year, Germany obtained 78% of its electricity from renewable sources. Wow. Germany now hold the record because of that single day. Although every day has not been so consistent, the energy providers have estimated that 33% of Germany’s energy consumption of 2015 will have come from sustainable energy. At the moment they sit at 27%, but seek to kick in the latter couple months into gear so the annual average increases by 6%. What is great about Germany being the leader in such an important issue is that countries seem to be following suit. Renewable energy capacity in 2015

Especially developing countries

Countries that are labelled as developing are already making the switch over to sustainable energy because they are not as reliant on other methods as others are. Nigeria is one of those countries as they recently put in a mandate 50% of electricity be generated from renewable energy. What is important about developing countries focusing on renewable sources is that their progression will grow worldwide energy demand by 33% (too common a figure here…). China Leads the Way in Renewable Energy Investment

China leads the way (financially)

As China holds almost one-seventh of the world’s population, they are obviously going to creep up here a lot in terms of statistics. Well, here we go. China invested a record $83.3bn in 2014 on sustainable energy sources, a 39% increase from 2013. The worldwide increase averaged 17% so China impressively upped the ante an additional 22%. After a previous dip in investment over two years, last year there was $270bn invested worldwide in green sources. That means China were 30.9% of worldwide investment. Give yourselves a pat on the back, China. Renewable energy consumption Obviously there are a lot more statistics on the matter – hence the infographics in between – but this is just to help you realise the global potential of nurturing the world by choosing sustainability. Melodramatic, yes, but sometimes the case can only be made if you embrace hyperbole. Although a lot of companies are progressing, they could go further by pushing themselves into international markets. Already in some? Go further. There are plenty of others to expand into. Want to know how we can help? Look at our renewable energy page and a full list of services.