Our previous article centred around the need for higher levels of security due to new technological advances within the translation industry, a think piece to consider the security risks when choosing a supplier for any of your multilingual requirements. ' Advances in Translation Technology For You' focuses on the huge leaps technology has made within the translation industry and how Wolfestone is leading the way with its collaboration of technology and translation. code-site

Build Your Bank and Save

Machine Translation (MT) is a service which uses technology to translate a large quantity in a small amount of time. Where a professional human translator will translate 2,000-3,000 words a day, the only limitation of Machine Translation is the amount of files you can load within a day, achieving instant results. Be warned, though, these results are dangerous. With our machine translation service, we use it a bit differently. We have a bespoke hybrid machine translation engine that utilises the two main translation systems: statistical and rule-based. From there, we build up a translation bank personalised to each client so that any repeating phrases, sentences and terminology in your next project are changed instantaneously. Machine Translation can be used in conjunction with post-editors to improve quality and style. Depending on what you require the project for, you may opt to not utilise a post-editor as the information is only needed for internal or contextual use; a post-editor can translate and correct the rest of the project, averaging from 4,000-8,000 words a day depending on how big the translation bank currently is. This service has been known to save clients 40-70% within a year.

Instant Memory

Machine translation has had its drawbacks – a major downside of MT technology is that it would historically only benefit subsequent projects. At Wolfestone, our technology provides instant results to the current translation project. A recent advancement in our technology allows for the document to be updated as it is translated. This provides instant savings to our clients rather than having to wait for the new MT to be updated, speeding and improving the quality of the translation, being faster than ever. If you have repeated sentences, phrases and terminology, as the translator works their way through the document on our secure cloud-based servers, the document itself updates throughout if there are any repetitions. Now the translator can spend their energy on translating only new content instead of the repeated phrases that all businesses have, allowing clients to save more money the more that is translated. Depending on the amount of repetition, a translator’s daily productivity can potentially double. This means a quicker turnaround time on your documents. And all this time saved is reflected in the price. ctrl-technology-1

Plug Us In

Consumers find information in their language more important than price according to the Common Sense Advisory. Can you afford to lose out on such a large audience? By having your website in one language, you’re restricting yourself to a slither of the cake; by having your website in multiple languages, you can treat yourself to the whole cake. Website translation has never been simpler. Simply attach our plugin to your Content Management System (CMS) then tick which pages you want to be translated. The translators then get to work on a mirror version of the site for an additional in-context review. This keeps the formatting the same and means you only focus on the content before making it live. It really is that simple. It has no admin access and it all relies on your approval, so your website is completely secure.

Beware of False Prophets

Recently, articles were shared about Google Translate’s "neural" advancement. Although their technology is improving, that must be addressed. It is still entirely useless for accurate translations. This year it has translated “Russia” into “Mordor” and “ISIS” into “Saudi Arabia”. Those are only two examples from the thousands that came out of the free tool this year. As we said previously, all the data fed into that system is used to improve it, meaning that your data is constantly in the digital ether with the potential for someone to grab it or benefit from it. Is this a risk you’re willing to take? Technology will never replace translators due to the complex syntactic nature of translation. Translation requires the greatest human skills, which are empathy, understanding and our natural linguistic knowledge. Although technology will never replace translators, it is proving more and more beneficial to the industry by continuously speeding along the process and allowing translators to focus on wholly new translations. Get in touch to find out how you can benefit from our translation technology, Synergy X. Free consultation