Sometimes statistics can be misleading, but sometimes they give us a very website translation, marketing translation, technical translationaccurate snapshot of the world we live in. In December 2011 Brazil officially overtook the United Kingdom to become the world’s sixth largest economy. Dramatic growth of 7.5% in 2010 was followed by steady 3.5% growth in 2011 with a comparable increase forecast for this year. With a population of 192 million and an affluent, aspirational middle class approaching 90 million, Brazil is set to be one of the economic powerhouses of the 21 st century. Brazil will host both the football World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016. On January 30 th the bidding opened for catering services at the World Cup. British hospitality providers will compete with bidders around the globe for a slice of this lucrative market. Brazil’s oil, gas, automotive and aerospace sectors are flourishing, with no downturn in sight. How can British exporters gain a competitive edge? At Wolfestone translation, we believe it’s all about asking the right questions. We come across many examples of clients whose message has been compromised by elementary translation mistakes. For British companies exporting to Brazil, the problem is compounded by the fact that the native language, Portugese, is subtly different to the European version. Linguistically, for example, Portugese people take nothing for granted. If you want helpful information, you need to ask for it with precision. Answers which might seem unhelpful and misleading are actually honest and accurate. You just need to ask the right questions. At Wolfestone, this is a lesson we apply on every project, for every client, in every target location. A CLIENT ATTENDS A MEETING IN RIO DE JANEIRO: Client: Does this elevator go to the tenth floor? Lift operator: Yes, sir. Shall I take you there? THE SAME CLIENT ATTENDS A MEETING IN LISBON: Client: Does this elevator go to the tenth floor? Lift operator: No, sir. Client: How can I get to the tenth floor? Lift operator: You can take this elevator. It goes to the twentieth floor, and on the way we can stop at the tenth floor. At Wolfestone, we work with specialist native speakers of both European Portugese and Brazilian Portugese. By asking the right questions we’ll make sure you get exactly where you want to go. Appreciating the culture of your target market is crucial for business development. Wolfestone interpreters can help clients overcome local obstacles and adjust to their new environment. Brazilians, for example, tend to speak quickly and listen intently. Expect a fast-paced, animated conversation including frequent interruptions and language which might seem confrontational. This isn’t rude or negative, it’s simply an indication that your customer is paying close attention. Brazil’s adoption of new technology is just as impressive as its economic growth. A government iinitiative to offer free W-Fi has made Brazilians the third highest internet users on the planet, with latest research indicating that 91 million people are online. An aspirational, switched on population is leaping forward. Recent trends show that people who previously hadn’t even been computer literate have jumped straight to owning smartphones. To succeed in this flourishing modern economy, British exporters need to communicate clearly and accurately, and an effectively translated website is an excellent starting point. More and more Wolfestone clients are approaching us for website translations, with Brazilian Portugese an increasingly popular option. A Wolfestone website translation, marketing translation or interpreting service will start your new venture in Brazil, or any other target market, on exactly the right note. The message for UK exporters is clear. The world is your marketplace. It’s a sophisticated, complex marketplace and the most successful traders will be those who convey a clear, accessible message. That’s where we come in. Wolfestone Translation will help you ask the right questions. DAVID JONES

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