We've all heard stories about companies, both large and small, making mistakes when it comes to translations. Whether they're trying to translate Russian to English, engage in Chinese translation or anything else, this can be highly amusing. Of course, if your firm were to hit the headlines because of a foreign language faux pas, you might not be smiling quite so broadly.

Mistakes like this can cost firms dearly. Their reputations tend to suffer because consumers suddenly doubt their competence. This is why it can be so important to make use of a high-quality translation agency.

Errors made by businesses

Recently, the Scotsman drew attention to some of the mistakes made by organisations operating in Beijing. Its article ran after it was revealed that the city's government has produced an official book of translated dishes for restaurants to use.

Commenting on this issue, the publication remarked: "For years, English-speaking visitors to Beijing could enjoy taking their chances with tempting dishes such as wood moustache meat or red burned lion head."

It also drew attention to the fact that the Lonely Planet runs an annual contest asking participants to take photographs of translation mistakes. About this, it added: "Previous winners include a dish called spicy grandma... and a sign urging people to 'Take luggage of foreigner'." Another example included an eatery that had named itself the Translate Service Error restaurant.

The danger of using automated systems

According to the Scotsman, many of these errors illustrate the risk of relying on computers to perform translations. It suggested that while these provisions have improved, they are still "poor at recognising context".

The newspaper added: "No doubt a taste of wild speculation can spice up a holiday for brave diners. But this type of mistake can cause serious problems for companies marketing overseas. It's all too easy for a catchy product name or witty marketing slogan to get lost in translation."

How we can help

Thankfully, it's now easy to avoid making mistakes like this. By coming here to Wolfestone, you can rest assured you'll benefit from professional translation services you can rely on. We can help you with marketing material, correspondence, speeches and much more.

All of our translators are native in the target language and they are intimately familiar with the source language.

Boosting your confidence

Meanwhile, you make have total confidence when you make use of our services as a translation agency. Whether you need to translate Russian to English, engage in Chinese translation or anything else, we can offer top-notch assistance.

As a provider of professional translation services, we have won a series of awards and we are accredited by the Association of Translation Companies, which is Home Office approved. Furthermore, we're independently certified with the new British Standard EN 15038. This is an industry-specific standard that covers the challenges connected with delivering high-quality translations.