Are you considering centralising your translation work, but want to know more before you commit? Do you want to understand more about the benefits of a centralised translation system? centralising your translation work If you are a company with multiple branches worldwide, then you might have sampled a few different translation companies over the years. You may have even found yourself using different local translation agencies for different languages. There are many reasons that you might find yourself shopping around for your translation services, but did you know there are some great benefits to centralising your translation work with just one agency?

A centralised translation system offers several benefits compared to a decentralised system:

The 5 Benefits to Centralising Your Translation Work

centralising your translation work

1. Increased Translation Quality

Thanks to our translation centralisation technology (TMS), the translation process is transparent to all of our clients. Each step of the translation process is monitored by managers and ensures a better quality control. Thanks to this single platform, it enables managers and translators to track all projects, as well as the origin of any errors that could occur. Wolfestone can also guarantee that we only work with the very best. All of our linguists are highly qualified native translators, with at least 4 years' industry-specific experience. So, if you choose us to centralise your translation work you know that you are getting the very best. centralising your translation work

2. Increased Translation Consistency

In addition, when you centralise your translation work you get the benefit of our "translation memory" service. This is a software that keeps a track of all of your translation work and will monitor any similarities between your documents. This reduces the chance of translators making repeated mistakes, especially when it comes to the strong brand messages that you want to keep consistent, and leads to an improved quality translation. Another plus to centralising your translation work is that it's an efficient way of keeping all previous translations in the same database. Should you need to search for a document that you had translated years ago, it’s very easy to find, since all translations ever carried out are archived in our database, no matter the language combination or the subject of the document. Thus, it diminishes considerably the risk of losing any of your translation work and avoids you ever having to pay twice. centralising your translation work

3. Reduce Your Time

Keeping a track of all those different translation companies you have worked with or researching the costs for every document can be very time consuming. With one centralised translation provider, you will be able to spend less time on research and reduce the time it takes to get your documents delivered. With one service provider you will receive the same fast, professional and reliable service each time. Some of our clients have even used some of their international employees to translate their documents in the past and were grateful that we've taken the workload off their shoulders. Now, they have more time to spend on other tasks and their translations are handled by qualified, professional linguists. centralising your translation work

4. Reduce Your Costs

This is probably going to be the biggest factor for any business to consider when you are considering centralising your translation work. You might believe that after all those cost comparisons, you're better off going to the translation company with the cheapest quote per project. Well, we've got a little secret to tell you: all our loyal customers get to take advantage of our translation memory system. If we've already translated a similar document, then our software will be able to flag that up and you won't be charged twice. Yes, you heard us correctly! If you've got a slogan or company phrase that you use regularly, then you won't have to pay each time you ask for a translation that contains it. This can save our clients a lot of money and is one of the main reasons why our clients come to us for a centralised translation service. centralising your translation work

5. Build a Relationship

At Wolfestone, we pride ourselves on our customer service and believe strongly in building a relationship with all our clients. We will provide you with one point of contact who will be your assigned account manager. You will be able to contact them directly and they will manage all of your projects and ensure that they are being dealt with quickly and efficiently. Your account manager will be a friendly, professional and recognisable contact that will ensure you the very best service. centralise your translation work centralising your translation work