International “Meatout Day” on March 20th was originally created to encourage individuals to refrain from consuming animals for one day in the calendar year. There is an abundance of scientific evidence on why eating less meat is better for the sustainability of the environment, but what can it do for us and our well-being?

Medical research has proven that maintaining a meat free diet can have positive impact on our energy levels. This is largely due to the lever of nutrition we are receiving by consuming plants. An abundance of phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and live water which all heal our bodies. And all this without any added sugars, fats, and preservatives. Plant based diets also naturally boast higher amounts of fibre, which helps with digestion and boosts weight loss. This will not only have you feeling full but provides that much needed energy boost.

Leading scientists and organisations endorse a whole plant-based diet for environmental reasons, animal agriculture is the leading contributor of methane and nitrous oxide, two greenhouse gases that are far more powerful than carbon dioxide emissions. Plant-based diets also require less water and reduce pollution of waterways and oceans.

A plant-based diet is the only diet which has been proved not only to prevent but also to reverse heart disease. Eating less meat can also decrease your risk of Type 2 diabetes.

Anna Bastek, multi-award-winning entrepreneur, and founder of Wolfestone, is also an Ironman athlete who contributes her plant-based diet to the outstanding success she has experienced, both in fitness and in business.


’When I went plant based around 7 years ago, I noticed an enormous difference in my energy levels, my head was clear, and my energy was stable throughout the day. Now it’s normal for me. I don’t need coffee to boost my energy. When you give your body what it needs it recovers much faster during the night and you need less sleep. I suddenly had extra 20h in the week so being a couch potato I signed up for an Ironman triathlon and completed it within a year. “Said Anna.

Anna has also completed a plant-based nutrition course at The Centre for Nutrition Studies at Cornell University in New York and is now helping people to improve health and energy levels with diet. Through her Inspired Tribe community Anna is doing webinars and helping people around the world.

Anna attributes her meat-free diet to unlocking new levels of energy and potential, leading to new business ventures and a new outlook on life.

‘’Everything seemed so much easier with my high levels of energy. My motivation was at an all-time high and I felt so much more productive. My ambition had no bounds.’’ Said Ms Bastek.

An individual who commits to eating a vegan diet for just 1 day would spare the life of 0.5 animals, preserve 148 square feet of rainforest, and save 3,700 gallons of water.

Take the meat out of your diet and make change happen. March 20th could be the start of the rest of your life.

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