Why might your English-operating business need English to French professional translation?

It’s a good question, particularly if you’ve never ventured beyond using the English language with your customers.

But trust us when we say that there has never been a better time to take the plunge with French.

One key reason is for international business expansion. Expanding your business is a surefire way to grow revenue and increase acquisition, particularly when you’re weathering an uncertain economic period. Expanding to France promises you these benefits and more. But why?

Why target the French-speaking market in France?

France is one of the largest economies in Europe, and additionally is the 6th largest in the world. Focus Economics also reports that, despite France’s economic hit by Coronavirus, the country is set to “rebound from its Covid-19-induced contraction this year”, meaning that France will continue to be a country that sets up businesses to thrive.

On top of this, the cost of setting up a business in France is relatively low in comparison with other economic giants such as Germany, Japan and the United States. Plus, with Paris being a critical financial centre in Europe, expanding your business to France makes financial sense.

What you need to know about expanding to France

But – before you can start thinking about conducting business abroad, something you’ll need to have sorted is a professional translation service. You won’t be able to start trading, hiring or advertising without adequate French translation.

And no – it’s not enough to rely on a colleague who happens to be fluent in French, unless they have years of expertise behind them in translating the complexities of everything from legal acquisition documentation to French SEO-led marketing content and business-critical employee contracts.

Specialist French translation services, such as those offered by Wolfestone, can help with any English to French professional translation you need when expanding your business.

In fact, companies that we’ve previously supported with their global expansions include industry-leading software company Zscaler. They noted that our translation services specifically “helped to win new business in new regions”.

In this article, we’re going to talk through the three main niches that you’ll require when bringing on board a professional translation service for in order to successfully expand your business to France: Legal, business, and marketing translation.


English to French legal translation

Before you can consider any of the finer details of opening a branch of your business in France, the first step is to ensure your legal documents are in order.

There are wide range of legal requirements when expanding your business internationally. Understanding crucial elements such as license requirements, local employment laws, as well as terms of service and sales contracts, are all critical for international success.

There are also significant differences between the English and French legal systems. If you’re looking to expand your business to France, it’s imperative that you work with professionals who understand these variances and can accurately translate your documents using their cross-cultural knowledge.

When translating legal documents into French, it’s crucial that you use an experienced translator. Failure to localise terms legally can allow complaints to be filed and considered under terms which weren’t stated by you.

Without using an English to French professional translation, you run the risk of legal papers being mistranslated, which may mean you don’t have the sufficient paperwork to legally conduct business abroad.

English to French business translation

When expanding your business to France, the second reason you’ll need English to French professional translation is for your business translation purposes. As with legal translation, accurate business translation is crucial.


Documents that may require a business translation include employment contracts, manuals, and health and safety documentation. Business translation is additionally crucial when expanding your business globally, as professional translators can help you strike deals and partnerships with other French businesses.

A huge benefit to expanding your business abroad is the opportunity to work with various other multinational corporations. Without sufficient English to French professional translation, you may miss out on the opportunity to effectively network.

When working with Wolfestone, we ensure you get the most out of your business expansion by providing numerous services that allow you to effectively correspond with other French businesses.

English to French marketing translation

Once you’ve set your business up in France, established partners and hired staff, you can start selling your products and services. The final piece of the puzzle is to have effective marketing in French.


Translating your marketing copy doesn’t just include your slogan or tagline – which is a complex process in itself to ensure any nuance and puns is conveyed. Marketing translation includes your website (and its SEO), email marketing, social media marketing (including captions on videos and imagery), as well as any copy on print materials and more.

Read more about translating marketing materials here, and why you should use a professional!

What makes marketing translation different from other forms of translation is that the copy is often creative, usually including idioms, puns and humour. It’s for situations like this, where this type of language doesn’t directly translate from English to French, that you especially require English to French professional translation. So whether it’s raining cats and dogs, or you have a BOGOF offer, experienced translators – such as those exclusively used by Wolfestone – will be able to harness their years of experience to find a localized, native equivalent for French speakers.

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