by Martin Berger


The largest event of its kind, the Export Week, is taking place this week. Dedicated to overseas trade promotion and during five days, UK Trade and Investment offers a series of regional events, with every region holding at least one event per day.

These events are aimed at how to expand your business overseas. The main part of the sixth year’s Export Week is Explore Export, which takes form as a roadshow visiting 8 English regions. The visitors will be given the opportunity to meet Commercial Officers and participate in seminars aimed at export advising.

Export helps you grow

Statistics from UKTI show that companies which export see a 34% increase in productivity within their first year of exporting, and are 11% more likely to survive. A study from OC&C Strategy Consultants suggests that overseas sales are set to increase four times faster than domestic sales. It is also predicted that UK retailers could achieve overseas online revenues of £28bn by 2020, compared to today’s £4bn. With growing potential, going international is one of the best growth strategies for UK based businesses. If you want to expand across the border, communicating in the right language is a key factor. Translating your webpage into foreign language is a good first step when going overseas. A research study from Common Sense Advisory proves the importance of website localization as 72% of customers prefer to buy products that provide information in their own language. The same survey also suggests that 56% of customers believe that having information in their own language is more important than price. Targeting new markets require not only language knowledge but also a deeper understanding of local culture. Proper localization and transcreation is essential in order to be successful as it helps you to place your message or product in the right cultural context – something a good translation company can help you with.When exporting, language forms is an inseparable part of the whole process. Wolfestone offers experience and consultative support for any company going abroad.

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