cf_vacant_1One of the principles that underlies all of our work is that a text can’t be adequately translated unless it’s adequately understood. We apply that to all projects, regardless of size or sector, but if there’s one Wolfestone client group that values this attention to detail above all others, it’s our pharmaceutical industry clients. Clients who use our services in this sector typically need a pinpoint-accurate representation of clinical language. Mistakes could have measureless consequences, and as the market continues to expand the stakes grow progressively higher.

Industry forecasters predict that the global drug market will advance from its current size of $900 billion to approach $1 trillion by the end of 2012, and this growth is being powered by emerging economies. IMS Health, an industry data specialist, has identified 17 emerging markets in which pharmaceutical sales are growing at a rate of between 15 and 25 per cent year on year. This makes a striking contrast with English speaking bastions Canada and the USA, which are currently experiencing annual growth of a more modest 1-2 per cent.

The BRICS nationsBrazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – are, not surprisingly, leading the surge in demand. Markets in Mexico, Pakistan, Vietnam and Indonesia are also growing dramatically. The requirement for accurate translations often begins with patent documents needed to secure intellectual property rights for new products and procedures. Wolfestone clients typically require translations of detailed product specifications, and subsequent promotional work will include localization of websites, brochures, and a wide range of marketing materials. As well as focusing on the cultural aspects of localisation, our pharmaceutical clients need first and foremost to satisfy stringent regulatory requirements. It’s a challenge that we’re delighted to help them meet. biotec-logoOne client that’s met these challenges and many more is Biotec Services International. Over the past fifteen years the Bridgend based company has built a reputation as a specialist provider of support for clinical trials. From a purpose built head office facility, Biotec supports multinational trials which pave the way for clients across the globe to take new products to market. Their credibility in the industry is impeccable, thanks to a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory processes for all their target markets and their proven ability to deliver what clients need, when they need it, no matter what their specialism or location. Biotec can store, assemble, label and dispatch products at temperatures ranging from controlled ambient to minus 196°C, and their ongoing investment in staff training and development ensures that customer service standards and technical standards remain uniformly high. Biotec is a genuine Welsh and British success story, and it’s not surprising that they apply the same high standards to their localisation strategy as they do to all other aspects of their business. For Wolfestone clients in the pharmaceutical sector, the need for accurate professional translation isn’t a cultural choice, it’s a regulatory requirement. We recently spoke with a client who referred with wry amusement to a movie whose main plot twist involved a patient being given incorrect test results. The patient was led to be believe that they were terminally ill, and discovered a new lease of life. The movie had a happy ending, but for Wolfestone’s clients and for the people who depend on them, real life happy endings depend on accurate, timely information, translated expertly by industry specialists. By putting your projects in our hands, you gain access to an unrivalled network of linguists who’ll apply their skill and commitment to give you the service you deserve. We’ll give you a real life happy ending. DAVID JONES

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