Happy International Translation Day, everyone! Although, they say a good translator goes undetected, we think it's only fair to recognise the work they do to keep our globalising world spinning. Their contribution to business and culture cannot be understated and we are proud to announce that we have chosen Wolfestone's Translator of the Quarter. Théodore is Wolfestone's translator of the quarter Congratulations to Théodore who has been selected by our Project Managers as Wolfestone's Translator of the Quarter! Here are a few questions we asked Théodore about his career as a freelance translator. For International Translation Day, we decided to share his experiences with everyone: What made you decide to become a translator? I never planned to become a translator. Rather, I realised I had become a translator the day I was offered an in-house position as a translator at the Cameroon Bioethics Initiatives (CAMBIN) upon recommendation by one of the lecturers who taught me translation at an undergraduate level. Therefrom, I picked increased interest in the job, chose to develop my skills through academic research and professional certification programs, in order to thrive in the profession.
What do you like about your job? Freedom, above all, and self-discipline next! I enjoy the freedom to work and rest as I please just as I like the way the job shapes my ability to plan, execute and deliver. As a translator, I really like the idea that every new job is a challenge, an opportunity to make or mar, and to learn something new about the people and industries I translate for. Finally, I find it extremely rewarding to see my translations published and watch movies I helped translate scripts for.
What do you not like? Big translation projects can become a bit consuming but the reward upon completion is unparalleled. The feeling of accomplishment and achievement sticks with you. It's an accurate summary of my life as a translator: difficult, but extremely rewarding. Happy International Translation Day from Wolfestone: words matter
What is the biggest project you have translated? My biggest project ever is the translation of 442 large and small manuals of cars and tractors totalling 800,000 words in one full year for a single client.
What is the most interesting project you have worked on? The translation of a diplomatic letter from the World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO) to the President of France, François Holande.
What our Project managers think of Théodore: Andrea Romero, one of our Corporate Project Managers, says about Théodore: 'He is a hardworking linguist who always meets deadlines, even if it is an urgent project and a technical subject matter. Always willing to help, he is also responsive and flexible. 'While working with other linguists on projects he always makes sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Moreover, his translation work has always received positive feedback from our clients and he has already worked on 242 projects for us so far. I hope we can continue having such a nice translator willing to help us in our projects. Thank you for all your work, Théodore!'
Once again, we want to congratulate Théodore on making such a positive, professional impression on all of our staff members lucky enough to have worked with him. From everyone at Wolfestone to every translator around the world: thank you. Not just on International Translation Day, but every day. Your work is greatly appreciated. To become a translator, click here. Find out more about our translation services here. Get a quote