As a company, we pride ourselves on quality. But the fact is that there is an increasing pressure to reduce rates. So how can we reduce our rates, but still offer the level of service that has led to us becoming one of the fastest growing and most respected companies in our industry? translation-costs The answer is simple – technology. By investing in technology, we’ve found innovative ways to give clients exactly what they want, at the price they want it. Technology is one of the biggest differentiators between us and other language companies. Here are the top three ways you can reduce your translation costs with us in 2014: 1. Send us all your translation Nice try, Wolfestone! In all seriousness, many companies split translations between several vendors. But with Wolfestone, the more you translate, the more savings we can apply for you. This is because our innovative technology enables us to build Translation Memories for you that over time will save you significant time and money whilst increasing consistency and assuring quality. The more work we do for you the more efficient and effective these Translation Memories become. 2. Integration with your CMS or software This option might not save money, but it definitely saves time. And since time is money, it’s one and the same thing. Our technology allows us to integrate with most CMS and software packages, meaning you don’t have to manage resources inputting that data. It goes straight in, in-context. 3. Give us longer deadlines By taking advantage of our Saver Service you can reduce your costs. How does this work? Basically, if you aren’t on a strict deadline or you can provide us with more time to complete your project, we return that favour by giving you a discounted price.

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