wales-facts-infographic-img Wales isn't always in the spotlight but the country and its people have been involved in numerous important events. We've done infographics about Brazil and Germany in the past and this time we've decided to focus on the birthplace of Wolfestone. Since we are really good at Welsh translation, we surely gave it a go! Here are the 13 facts about Wales we bet you didn't know!
  1. Mount Everest was named after Welshman Sir George Everest from Gwernvale, Breconshire.
  2. Only 21% of the entire Welsh population can speak the native language.
  3. Wales is believed to have more castles per square mile than anywhere else in the world (that's 1 castle for every 7,500 people!).
  4. The letters K, Q, V and Z do not appear in the Welsh alphabet at all.
  5. All the statues surrounding Cardiff Castle are of animals.
  6. Wales is the land of the mythical King Arthur.
  7. The Welsh motto is “Cymru am byth” which means “Wales for ever”.
  8. In 2012 Facebook launched a Welsh version of the site.
  9. 48% of adults in Wales use social media sites.
  10. 49% use Facebook and twitter in Welsh.
  11. Rhossili Bay is the 9th highest rated beach in the World.
  12. A Welshman invented the symbol for equality.
  13. Famous people from Wales include Richard Burton, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Tom Jones, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Shirley Bassey, Timothy Dalton and Charlotte Church.
facts-about-wales-infographic-resized Do you know any other interesting facts about Wales? Share them below!

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