Wolfestone has been chosen as the trusted legal translation partner for companies all around the world. That's why we decided to gather statistics on one of the biggest industries that we currently operate in.

Why choose Wolfestone as your legal translation partner?

Due to the sensitive nature of the work which we receive from legal companies, we cannot go into too much detail regarding projects that we have completed. That's why we decided to accumulate statistics about the legal translation projects we have completed this year. We set the industry standard with our impressive 99.89% customer satisfaction from all our clients.

Want to know more about legal translation and how it works?

Wolfestone has translated over 2.36m words for the legal sector this year - that is only the source language, not the target language completion which has seen us translate into more than one language. Last month we wrote about you should choose Wolfestone for your urgent translation projects. and 7% of our projects were marked urgent overall, which was a drastic increase from the 4.5%, almost doubling our amount. Within the legal sector, September seemed like a hectic month for everyone as urgent translation project requests dramatically increased to over 40% urgent projects in the legal sector; 100% of which were delivered on-time. Find out more, get in touch to partner with Wolfestone, the best translation partner available. Get a quote Why Wolfestone is your perfect legal translation partner