International Day of Happiness

As today is the International Day of Happiness, we met up with Joy Ogeh-Hutfield, Owner of Joy Transformation Coaching. Joy is an authority on living a happier and more fulfilling life. We discussed the nature of happiness, and how small changes can make us happier. International Happiness Day

What are three ways our readers can start each day on a happy note?

Meditate, pray, or whatever works for you. The purpose is to reflect on the day ahead and focus your energy. Be thankful for life and that you are here. We rush around doing, achieving, chasing. But taking time to be thankful puts us in a positive state for the day. Energise yourself by dancing, singing or running. Energy breeds energy. So by doing something energetic at the beginning, you set the standards for the day ahead. sunflowers on happiness day

Who is your personal happy hero and why?

Dr Wayne Dyer He is a picture of what peace, love and happiness is all about. His philosophy on life is inspiring and challenges me daily to be a person of love, joy and happiness.

How do you plan to celebrate the International Day of Happiness?

With my family and friends, as they are what is truly important to me. I plan to smile at every person that comes my way and spread positive energy.

A bonus video!

OK, so you probably gathered that Joy is full of energy. You're probably ready now for the video she prepared for us. To find out more about Joy visit her site:

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