The number of students learning languages at GCSE level has fallen dramatically. The results those children get is also in decline. In some universities certain language departments are being removed completely – in fact over the past few years nearly a third of all university language departments have ceased to exist. In some areas of the UK, there is literally no higher-level option for language study at all, while some schools put literally no children into language classes at GCSE now that they have been made optional choices. With other countries putting massive emphasis on language, and indeed multiple language learning, Britain will very soon find themselves falling irreversibly behind, and businesses will find it increasingly difficult to hire bilingual or multilingual British staff to help them communicate globally. For those who don’t want to sacrifice other qualities and experience simply to have a language expert on their team, the other option for those international contracts is using a translation company. A translation company can easily help you communicate and be seen to have a much larger linguistic presence than you really have. With languages in decline all over Britain, it isn’t long before even the previously simple English to French translation will be necessary and Wolfestone can not only help you do it, but do it on a document by document basis. Whether it’s English to French translation or any other of the world’s many business languages, it is important you have the resources to compete in a multi-lingual world. Wolfestone offer cheap translation that is focussed and individualised for your client, not just a generic document.

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