In today’s world communication is everything. But there will always be errors; like the tourist in Japan who mispronounces “niku” (meat) for “neko” (cat) resulting in a lot of strange looks after declaring that, of the buffet options available, they prefer cat to fish or vegetarian! Such things amuse us in passing, may even be great ice-breakers, but in the world of technical translation there is no margin for error. Take the example of the proposed Anglo-French military force partnership aboard two of Britain’s aircraft carriers. Expecting a non-native soldier to understand a) badly translated “pigeon” French instructions, or b) English-only instructions is unreasonable. In the case of the proposed coalition fleet technical translations MUST allow for no errors for reasons of safety, morale and job performance. Our professional technical translation services operate under stringent guidelines and always in partnership with the best possible expert proofreaders. Our current technical translation services cover the likes of technical proposals, operation manuals, build instructions, architectural blueprints, patents, Health & Safety material, engineering specifications, software/hardware manuals and various legal documents. Certified translation is also available. The bones of the Wolfestone translation company are accuracy, reliability and confidentiality. Current internal operation guidelines mean we offer comprehensive Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) to all clients free of charge. We find our technical services clients to be impressed with the complexity of such agreements, which exist to make sure your word-perfect technical translations remain 100% confidential and protected under the Wolfestone banner of privacy.

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