Wolfestone, Wales' largest translation firm, told North Wales Live that investing in Welsh translation should be a priority for a business "if they want to be taken seriously by customers".

The firm said: "There's never been a more crucial time for small and medium businesses to stand out from the crowd and, with a growing number of speakers, Welsh offers a treasure trove of untapped marketing and branding opportunities.

"Investing in Welsh can inspire customer loyalty, attract new customers and ultimately increase sales - but these efforts could prove futile if the words used are misspelled, incorrect or inaccurate.

"It seems that, although companies are making a visible attempt to use Welsh, many keep getting it wrong - as we've seen from the numerous Welsh language signage blunders recently.

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Investing in professional Welsh translation services should be a priority for companies based in Wales if they want to be taken seriously by their customers.

Alex Parr, Wolfestone Managing Director