Attention all small businesses. It's time for your company to take a break. Why? Because simply put, sending your business overseas is the best way to experience and gain new and fascinating insights into the world.

We all know how great it is to go on holiday normally – mouth-watering authentic food, vibrant cultures and exotic, intriguing languages. It’s why travelling is so popular with those seeking personal growth. It broadens horizons, builds confidence and generally enhances our lives far more than we ever thought possible.

Well, the same can be said for your business.


With the dawn of the internet era, businesses are no longer confined to their local market. They don’t even need a physical store. They have countless opportunities for expansion into overseas markets that were only available to multimillion pound/euro/dollar companies only 20 years ago.

This means that your fast-track to a global customer base is at your fingertips – all you have to do is buy the ticket and take your business there.

Using a local guide

To get the most out of a holiday generally, it can help massively to have a local guide who speaks the lingo, knows the best spots and is a friendly people person to boot.

Your business’ holiday is no different.

If you’re going to showcase your website to its full potential overseas you're going to need a translator. They're your local guide for the foreign markets of the internet.

I’m a bit nervous about investing in translation…

You may be nervous, or you may have never even thought of it before.

Both of these reactions are completely normal, but a translator can really make all the difference when it comes to impressing the locals. Having an experienced, knowledgeable guide will ensure that you get the best out of your travels and don't take any missteps.

They can translate all of your web content perfectly, down to all the little idiosyncrasies, connective words and even those not-quite-translatable phrases.

Don't rely on Google translate

Relying on Google translate is a poor way to make a first impression on your adventures abroad – things get lost in translation, the customer has a poor experience and you set yourself off on the wrong foot, losing customers left, right and centre.

A translator can make your content stand out. They are your local guide, your shining light. You get the idea…

These guys can make your expansion adventure. Ignoring them may well just break it.

This is why you should be sending your business on a holiday to experience new lands, acquire new customers and build new connections. You never know what opportunities are just around the corner, and fortune favours the brave.

If you want to get the best translators available to be your local guides and help your business to flourish overseas, you’ll be needing Wolfestone Translation.

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Written by Elliot Nedas, a senior business development manager at Wolfestone