This month the UK Trade & Investment announced a new programme that will help seven thousand small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) attract new overseas customers through the internet.

Grow Online, Expand Worldwide

The campaign with the name “Grow Online, Expand Worldwide” runs over the next two years and is aiming to deliver training, advice and funding to SMEs to help improve their web capability.

According to Business Secretary Vince Cable, “Britain’s 220,000 online retailers export more than the rest of Europe’s e-retailers combined but other countries are catching up fast. UK companies need to stay ahead of the game and capitalise on the rapid growth of mobile technology and social media to find new international customers.

Vince continues saying “supporting more small and medium sized businesses to export is a crucial part of the government’s plan to rebalance our economy, create jobs and boost prosperity.

The local support given includes international web workshops, e-commerce masterclasses and one-to-one advices from experts.

Localisation is Key

Research commissioned by the European Commission found that 82% of clients were less likely to buy goods online if the site was not in their native language. In some countries the images or examples on your website may not be appropriate or culturally relevant. This is why the first step for a successful web presence is the localisation process. Having your website localised can pay dividends, helping your brand maintain its integrity in a new market and helping to avoid embarrassment.

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