by Martin Berger

In today’s ever-changing world of technology, it’s essential to keep up to date with the latest trends. This is even more important for companies, as digital media is a key factor for business strategy creation and communicating with customers at home and abroad.

The importance of digital communications

In business, every brand wants to establish strong and ongoing relationships with their consumers. More and more companies acknowledge the importance of digital media and focus on using it to get closer to their customers. The reason is simple.

According to a research survey from the Interactive Advertising Bureau, the trade body for more than 500 leading media and technology companies, the “average Briton” interacts with a connected device over 34 times a day and spends about two hours and twelve minutes per day online.

More importantly, the survey based on insights from 1,350 participants, shows the impact of online devices on people’s shopping behaviour is rising, with every one in six smartphone owners using their phone at some stage when purchasing goods. Four in ten people also often like to shop online when they’re bored and when it comes to young people, the figure even rises to six out of ten.

The importance of translation and localization in digital media

Digital media is a global phenomenon, which occurs in basically all markets regardless the industry. People are increasingly using digital media to communicate, share and interact.

Research from OC&C Strategy Consultants says UK retailers can achieve overseas online revenues of £28bn by 2020 and growth in overseas sales is set to increase four times faster than home sales. Considering that current overseas ecommerce revenues are at around £4bn, that's a lot of potential.

We have helped some leading brands such as Mercedes and Visit England, engage overseas customers and improve their web presence.

As an experienced translation services company who understands the world of digital media and technologies, we can help you effectively deliver your message to your customers through proper webpage localization and multimedia translation.

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