why-translate-your-website-header Crossing language barriers is essential to overseas trading success. Just 28% of the internet users speak English and to reach the remaining 72% you need to “speak” at least 12 more languages. Translating your website is not just about the message, and these are the top five benefits.

1. Expand client base

Companies are slowly realising that English isn’t the main international language of the world and to reach their foreign audience they need to consider translation. In most cases, your website is the first thing potential clients will see. A website that you have invested time and money in. It’s important to leverage on what’s already there in a more tailored approach, which will help your international clients see you care.

2. Strengthen brand

Building a brand takes time, and taking it international is a process that needs to be considered carefully. Brand messages and colours may differ from country to country. Tailoring you brand to the local culture and language makes you come across respectful and strengthens your brand.

3. Boost international SEO

Traffic from search engines remains one of the main ways of attracting potential clients and visitors to your site. By translating your website and doing appropriate multilingual SEO you can attract relevant traffic, generate more leads and boost in-country exposure.

4. Increase return-on-investment

Among the many ways you can undertake international expansion, translation and multilingual SEO remains one of the most cost efficient marketing approaches. Reaching foreign audiences will be quicker and you will reap ROI much quicker.

5. The human angle

After all, it’s people who buy products or services. By speaking their language and tailoring the company’s marketing messages, you can reach them on an emotional level. Research from the Common Sense Advisory shows 72% of customers abroad would rather buy products that provide information in their own language. Potential clients will appreciate the effort, and the risk of any misinterpretation will be reduced. Only then will you be able to build a strong brand, create a loyal following and grow your business overseas. Website translation is a great way of opening up new markets and if you want to grow overseas, it’s a must in today’s digital world.

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