Here at Wolfstone we are rightly very proud of our technical translation services. Today we thought we would have a brief look at the areas that a professional translation company offers in this field. The most obvious technical translation that most people will think of is user documentation. This is probably because they have read many poorly translated manuals from countries such as China which are both amusing and often completely nonsensical. Often these don't may not matter too much but badly translated manuals reflect poorly on your company so it is worth getting it right. Much more important to the engineers are things like Engineering Specifications and Architectural Documentation. If a product is being designed in one country and software written in another, and manufacture in another, it is vital that the engineers can communicate with the people in those other companies as accurately as possible and that any feedback is well understood. There is a famous story about the $125 Million Mars Orbiter which was lost because NASA used imperial measurements and their contractor, Lockheed Martin used metric. If such a small error as that can cause such damage then imagine what problems could be caused by poor language translations. On a similar note, Patent Applications also take up a good deal of our technical translation workload. At the best of times, writing a Patent Application is complicated and exacting work but then having to translate it into another language and making it fit the rules of the other country requires a good deal of skill and knowledge. We are rightly proud of our technical translation department and we hope if you ever need us, you will talk to us first.

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