Watch Mathew Jones , account manager, talk about the importance of business partnerships.

Here’s a transcript of the video:

When looking for a company to help you with your language needs, a key thing to consider is ‘What type of Relationship suits me best?’ One way that you can run your relationship with a language service provider is to send through documents as and when you need them. This is good if you have only a small amount of work required. The focus here is on a quick turn around with little preparation and discussion necessary. Any project of a technical nature or with a large volume it is best not handled this way. For a long term relationship you have two different ways of approaching this. You could aim to have a supplier relationship with your language provider. This normally follows from a bidding process with a focus on meeting exact specifications. Often a supplier is best if the same styles of documents are required over a regular schedule. To get the best results from the business relationship with your language service provider you should work as partners. A Partner relationship based on trust openness and a desire to work closely together can produce product efficiency and reduce costs. Partnerships produce the right solution for your needs through discussions on your business goals and marketing strategy. If you have any questions on the topic please comment below and we’ll either reply or do a video on your question

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