A recent survey of executives working in large enterprises across Britain and Germany found that 72% firmly believe that language skills “help increase sales opportunities.”

However, only 38% of Britons claim to speak at least one foreign language, compared to the EU-average of 56% – perhaps suggesting that British companies are lacking the linguists they need to boost their business.

Going global? Use the professionals

When dealing with international companies and foreign markets in real-time, whether it be a project management meeting, a brainstorming session about how to increase sales or negotiating with stakeholders, it is crucial that your company has the resources to communicate in the language of that region or country.

Business meeting involving a professional interpreter

The best solution for doing business abroad in real-time is, undoubtedly, to invest in a professional interpreter. They are highly-qualified experts who know exactly how to convey the key information to ensure both parties are involved and informed.

Isn't it enough to just speak the two languages

But what makes an interpreter a professional? Isn’t it enough just to be able to speak the two languages and simply relay the information you hear in another language?

It’s an all-too-familiar scenario in many companies when bilingual or multilingual employees are asked to help with interpreting for a meeting, conference or call.

But while multilingual employees are a huge asset to any company, particularly if their job involves communicating with clients in different languages, it could be a huge mistake to ask your bilingual Account Manager to interpret for your overseas guests at the next Stakeholder Meeting.

Here are three reasons why you need to leave interpreting to the professionals.

1.You can be confident about quality

It is all well and good asking a staff member to interpret – but if you don’t speak the two languages yourself, how can you measure and judge their language skills? Most importantly, how can you be sure they are doing a good job?

Professional interpreters, such as those who work for Wolfestone, are always highly qualified and their work is constantly reviewed after every assignment. When you invest so much into a business, you should be able to trust that your interpreter is of the highest calibre.

2. A unique skillset

Interpreting is so much more than repeating information in a different language– it is a unique skillset that takes years of training and work experience. Professional interpreters are prepared for every type of scenario in which they are required.

A large, multinational meeting, for example, might require simultaneous interpreting. This means that the interpreter relays a message in real time with a few seconds delay. This would usually happen in a sound-proofed booth and those receiving the message would be wearing headsets. This type of interpreting requires someone to be an expert in both languages, someone who can excel under pressure and think very quickly.

On the other hand, consecutive interpreting involves the interpreter listening to a section of speech and then either summarising the message or relaying it verbatim. It requires a different but equally-impressive skillset, such as unwavering memory and note-taking abilities to be able to remember, process and repeat huge amounts of information.

On top of this, professional interpreters are trained to be objective and highly-accurate, with an emphasis on recognising, remembering and relaying key facts.

3. Specialised vocabulary

When you hire a professional interpreter for a job, you can be sure that they will not only be knowledgeable about the terminology and jargon specific to your field, but they will be able to convey this specialised vocabulary in two (or more) languages.

The intricacy of discussing law, healthcare or technology in another language requires a skill that your bilingual staff are not likely to have been trained to do.

Can you really risk a linguistic or cultural blunder?

Wolfestone can help

Are you looking for a conference interpreting partner who supports you during your business meeting abroad? Or would you like to invite your foreign business partners to your UK offices? Wolfestone is here to help you all the way and we take the stress out of your multilingual meetings, appointments and conferences.

Alongside simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, we also offer a telephone interpreting service– a quick, easy and affordable way to meet your immediate interpreting needs.

Why not see for yourself how we can help you? Click here for more info.

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