Picture 132-v2-webSwansea, United Kingdom (October, 2010) – Wolfestone Translation, Wales’ largest language services company offering, amongst others, translation in all languages, proofreading, voiceovers, subtitling and a wide range of other language services, has received the ProAct Skills Growth Wales financial support package to promote overall company growth Wolfestone aim to use the donation to further invest in more advanced technology and the staff within their company in order to create a more efficient experience for employees and customers alike as part of their aim to be one of the most prominent translation companies in the UK. “We are absolutely delighted to have received this package following a long application process, as it provides us with £3,000 to spend on improving the work experience for each of our employees – as well as the overall quality of work produced by our company,” commented Wolfestone Director, Anna Bastek. “We were identified as a company who were significantly growing in our sector, and, with the contribution offered to us by the Assembly Government, we can considerably increase the level of quality offered by our company by investing in the people already in our organisation. We are now able to offer them further expert training, which underlines our commitment to investing in our employees to assist with the future expansion of Wolfestone Translation.”