Rendezvous for the team building was at 10am on Saturday morning where we compared waterproof clothing and discussed the fact that it was definitely raining as we all suspected. After getting lost once or twice, driving round the same roundabout a couple of times and admiring the beautiful roadside scenery we finally found the right turning.

When we arrived the next step was to set up base camp, we found a suitable spot and proceeded to dominate the campsite, whoops! By this time it was time for lunch and then the real fun could begin. The first tasks were to take place in the main tent, where there was a large enough sitting area that we didn’t need to get to know each other TOO well. These tasks ranged from a lateral thinking exercise involving plastic forks, to a survival rescue task which involved having a list of 20 items and deciding which were most useful whilst floating on a dinghy in the Atlantic. Needless to say each team’s answers were an interesting insight into the individuals in the team and the way that people think.

When the rain stopped we were able to venture out doors to start tasks testing trust, patience, team work and resilience to constant drizzle! It was interesting to watch the teams working together and to discover people’s strengths and weaknesses outside of the normal working environment.

I believe the team building camping weekend was a success, the whole experience, from setting up tents to making tea and preparing food were team building exercises in themselves, which I believe we all benefited from. The aim was to get to know each other better and have a little more faith in the Wolfestone team and we definitely achieved that.