Wolfestone Translation is involved in an ambitious £11.4m scheme launched by the University of Wales – the Prince of Wales Innovation Scholarships – designed to help propel the country out of recession. The new scheme could see Wales become a successful innovation cluster likened to Cambridge in England by The Independent newspaper. The scheme is endorsed by the Prince of Wales and is expected to help Wales to overcome the recession and create jobs for graduates.

Director of Wolfestone Translation Anna Bastek visited Clarence House for the official launch of the initiative and discussed with Prince Charles the benefits of the scheme to Wolfestone Translation Ltd. Wolfestone has been trading for over 2 years now providing translations to companies and individuals on a national and international level. As a largely online business Wolfestone hope to employ graduates from the scheme to develop a bespoke online system which would enable the company to run a series of offices internationally including new offices in the USA, Russia, South East Asia and the Middle East. Wolfestone’s existing overseas office in Germany would also benefit from the new tool. The software would mean the offices could be linked in real time and could communicate effectively and efficiently.

The system will also improve communication with customers by having a bespoke online structure directly designed with the benefit of the client in mind. This will include a new and improved client area and the capability for clients to communicate directly with the project manager, amongst much other functionality.

As well as creating jobs the Prince of Wales Innovation Scholarships scheme hopes to ‘inject new ideas and energy into the Welsh economy’. The aim of the scheme is to recruit 100 of the world’s best graduates and place them in Welsh companies. The graduates will then be in a position to create new innovative products and services in Wales moving the country away from heavy industry and improving the Welsh economy.

Roy Allkin, Director of Wolfestone Translation said “As a company that, due to its innovation and forward thinking, has thrived rather than struggled in this recession it is a natural fit for us to link with the Scholarships scheme as we are actively recruiting”.

The scheme which is led by the University of Wales is wholeheartedly supported by Prince Charles, who is the Chancellor of the University, and he is wholly supportive of the innovative project. ”It seems to me entirely fitting that an institution which was created through the determination and enthusiasm of the people of Wales should choose to work in the service of those people and I am proud, as the university’s chancellor, to lend my support to the scholarships programme."

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