Friday February 24th marks the first ever World Food Night, a chance for Britain to raise money for one of the country’s most deserving charities with a celebration of international cuisine. Participants throughout the UK are cooking food from around the world, inviting friends, family, colleagues, and neighbours to share it and asking for donations to Refugee Action, the independent national charity that provides advice and support to refugees in the UK. It helps them to start rebuilding their lives and becoming part of their community. When Refugee Action invited Wolfestone Translation to join the party, they accepted without hesitation. A recent report entitled “Hopes and Fears” revealed that 68 per cent of people believe immigration has been good for British food. With many recipes of overseas origin now adopted as “Great British Dishes”, the nation’s culinary diversity is worthy of celebration. Prominent supporters of World Food Night include celebrity chef and entrepreneur Levi Roots, who moved to the UK from Jamaica as a teenager. Levi’s success is a perfect example of immigration adding value to the British culture and economy. Wolfestone are building the event into their working day, with each member of staff bringing a dish to the office. With a team encompassing 10 different nationalities, Wolfestone’s menu on Friday 24 th Feb will feature dishes from Argentina, Poland, Germany, Italy and many other countries. Donations will help Refugee Action to continue their work helping people rebuilding their lives in the community. Wolfestone staff are delighted to make a contribution to such a worthy cause, and the event itself is a reminder of the positive impact of multiculturalism. Wolfestone Director Anna Bastek comments: “World Food Night is a symbol of the values that Wolfestone represents. Different nationalities are coming together, appreciating the best of each others’ cultures, to achieve something positive”. With a 500% increase in turnover from 2008 to 2011, and with even more impressive growth anticipated in 2012, Wolfestone’s success provides ongoing proof that Wales can celebrate its own culture and also celebrate the cultures of others. We look forward to a thoroughly enjoyable and successful day. “

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