On 14th June 2012 Mari d’Antonio, the Head of Wolfestone's Certified Translation Department and David Jones, our Business Development Manager attended the highly informative Regional Equality and Diversity Forum in Birmingham, hosted by Wragge & Co LLP and at which the company’s HR Adviser, Lisa Perkins, was a speaker. At the event it emerged just how much of a priority Wragge & Co consider the issue of Equality and Diversity to be, not only within the workplace but also in society as a whole, as proven by an event the company held in December 2009, offering sixth-form London and Midlands pupils from under-privileged backgrounds the chance to gain an insight into a day in the life of a commercial lawyer. As well as providing the students with an opportunity they may not otherwise have had, the programme allowed them to obtain invaluable practical experience with regard to interview, negotiation and presentation technique and hopefully truly fuelled their career ambitions. In relation to the workplace itself, Wragge & Co have a range of initiatives which place Equality and Diversity right at the forefront. On the one hand there is the Disability Champions mentor scheme, which gives confidential advice to all disabled employees and on the other hand there are the work placements that the firm offers specifically to blind persons. When it comes to religion, the company does not shy away from the many conflicting religions that exist in our modern-day multi-cultural society. On the contrary, Wragge & Co actively embraces these with its celebration of various religious festivals and its creation of a prayer and contemplation room and diversity wallpapers. Then there is the subject of sexual orientation. Wragge & Co is committed to making the legal working environment one which welcomes all LGBT employees through both technological and face-to-face campaigns and it is also a member of the Stonewall Diversity Champions programme which provides LGBT networking and advice. But of course keeping abreast with the issue of Equality and Diversity requires continuous effort. Wragge & Co acknowledges this, as demonstrated by its motto “It’s a journey, not a destination”. We couldn't agree more!

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