As Artificial Intelligence (AI) progresses at an unprecedented pace, businesses are taking note of its potential to boost productivity and streamline operations.

With the growing ability to offer budget-friendly alternatives, AI has positioned itself as an indispensable asset for companies worldwide. Moreover, ‘expert-in-the-loop’ solutions also ensure that AI not only complements but elevates the skills of human professionals.

However, we understand that with such rapid advancements in technology and business practices, many people are understandably feeling a little confused. 

This is why we have set out a comprehensive guide to help our clients understand our AI language solutions. Scroll to learn more! 


AI Translation: Bridging Language Gaps Efficiently

The era of manual translation is a distant memory. Today, AI-driven translation tools, backed by expansive linguistic databases and refined algorithms, provide rapid and reliable translations. 

While human translators might take hours or days for intricate texts, AI delivers in moments without skimping on precision. More than just speed and accuracy, our AI translation offers unparalleled cost-effectiveness, starting at £0.01 per word.

However, the essence of language goes beyond words, encompassing cultural nuances and contexts. While AI is mighty, it can occasionally miss these subtleties.

To address this, we offer a blend of machine efficiency and human expertise. Our human linguists review AI outputs to ensure every nuance is captured, merging speed with cultural sensitivity.

In essence, our AI translation service provides the best of both worlds: computational speed and human finesse, ensuring fast, affordable, and resonant translations.

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Rates from: £0.01 per word


AI Subtitles: The Evolution of Subtitling in the Age of Video Dominance

Today video content is not just a trend, it's a revolution. From social media snippets to full-length documentaries, videos have firmly established themselves as the primary mode of communication and entertainment across platforms.

With this surge, there's a parallel and pressing demand for quality subtitling to cater to diverse audiences – making content more inclusive and globally accessible.

Our AI subtitling service is a direct response to this evolving need. By utilising the capabilities of advanced AI technologies, we can generate subtitles at an unmatched pace, without compromising on accuracy.

This rapid turnaround ensures that your videos are ready for broadcast in no time, reaching audiences spanning different languages, regions and those who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. 

But it's not just about speed and inclusivity. Proper subtitling ensures that the essence of your message – the emotions, emphasis, and nuances – is conveyed effectively. Our AI-driven approach ensures precision in translation and synchronisation, making sure your content's impact remains as powerful as intended.

In a world where every second counts, our AI subtitles ensure your message is not just seen, but truly understood.

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Rates from £0.05 per minute 


AI Voiceovers: The Perfect Voice for Every Message

The voice behind a message can be as influential as the message itself. It carries emotion, sets the tone, and often determines how an audience will engage with the content. In the dynamic world of multimedia, where the right voice can make or break a production, finding that perfect tone consistently can be a challenge.

Our advanced AI Voiceover services are not just about replicating human voices; they are about perfecting them. Whether you're creating a gripping advertisement, an informative presentation or an immersive video game, our AI-driven system ensures you get the exact vocal quality you envision.

One of the standout features is the unparalleled diversity it offers. Imagine having access to a vast palette of voices, each distinct in pitch, tone, accent and even language. From the deep resonating tones suited for dramatic narrations to lively, upbeat voices for youthful commercials – the possibilities are endless.

With the power of AI, consistency is guaranteed. No more worrying about variations in repeated sessions or lengthy productions. Every word and every sentence will be delivered with the consistency and professionalism your content deserves.

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Rates from: £0.03 per word


AI Live Captions: Real-time Precision, Every Word

The digital age has ushered in an era of instantaneity, where audiences from around the world can tune into events as they unfold in real-time.

From insightful webinars and academic lectures to live broadcasts and virtual meetings, the live setting holds immense value. But with this immediacy comes the challenge of ensuring that every participant, regardless of their auditory capabilities or language proficiency, can fully engage with the content.

Our AI Live Captions service is meticulously designed to meet this very challenge. By harnessing cutting-edge AI technology, we offer real-time captioning solutions that are both rapid and razor-sharp in accuracy. Every word, every nuanced expression, and every sudden interjection is captured with precision, ensuring that no detail goes unnoticed.

But it's not just about speed and accuracy, it’s actually about inclusivity. With AI Live Captions, the Deaf or Hard of Hearing, or those who might not be fluent in the language of the broadcast, can still remain integral participants, comprehending and contributing without barriers.

In a world where every voice matters, our AI Live Captions service ensures that every voice is heard, every message is understood, and every audience member feels included.

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Rates from: £30.00 per hour


AI Proofreading & Editing: The Perfect Mix of Machine Efficiency and Human Expertise

The digital transformation has brought forth incredible advancements in content creation, with generative-AI being at the forefront.

Through automation, we can now generate vast amounts of content at unprecedented speeds. However, as with any technology, AI outputs, while impressive, can occasionally fall short of perfection, especially when it comes to capturing the intricacies of human language.

Recognising this gap, our AI proofreading and editing service comes into play, bridging the divide between machine efficiency and human finesse. Whether the content in question is an AI-generated translation, a marketing copy, or a technical document, our team of expert linguists and editors meticulously review every line to ensure accuracy, coherence, and authenticity.

Beyond just correcting grammar or syntax, our service dives deep into the essence of the content. Fact-checking, refining tone, ensuring consistency, and polishing for clarity are all integral parts of the process. The result? Texts that not only convey the intended message but resonate deeply with the target audience.

In a world teeming with content, stand out with pieces that are not just AI-driven but also human-perfected.

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Multilingual Marketing: Tailored Messaging for a Global Audience

In an increasingly interconnected world, businesses no longer cater to just local audiences. Global expansion is on every visionary's radar. However, as many have come to realise, global reach isn't just about translation; it's about adaptation.

Every region, and every culture, has its own set of values, preferences, and linguistic distinctions that standardised content often overlooks.

Our Multilingual Marketing service is a solution for this very complexity. While traditional marketing methods might adopt a 'one-size-fits-all' approach, our strategy recognises and celebrates the diversity of global audiences. And while it's not wholly driven by AI, the incorporation of AI tools enhances its efficacy manifold.

By leveraging the capabilities of AI, we can analyse market trends, audience preferences, and linguistic nuances at scale. This data-driven insight, combined with human expertise, enables us to craft marketing messages that aren't just translated but are culturally adapted, ensuring maximum resonance.

The result? Campaigns that strike a chord, products that find a home, and brands that become household names, no matter the household's geographical location.

Multilingual Marketing

Rates from: £160 per month

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AI Language Solutions: When to Use and When to Pause

AI has, undoubtedly, redefined the boundaries of what's possible across various industries. Its ability to process vast amounts of data swiftly, make predictive analyses, and automate routine tasks offers unprecedented efficiency and scalability. But, like any tool, its utility is defined by the context in which it's used.

Certain domains stand out as natural playgrounds for AI, benefiting immensely from its capabilities. Yet, there are areas where the subtleties of human cognition and emotion are irreplaceable by AI language solutions. 


  1. Life Sciences & Pharma: In fields that delve deep into the complexities of life, precision is non-negotiable. While AI and machine translation can assist in data crunching, pattern recognition and non-critical document translation, the nuanced understanding of biotech, patient care, and drug information often requires a human touch, informed by years of study and medical translation experience.
  2. High-level Marketing: While AI can analyse consumer behaviours and trends, building a marketing strategy that resonates deeply requires understanding human emotions, aspirations, and cultural backdrops. Only a human marketer can truly grasp the subtle triggers that drive consumer loyalty and passion. Transcreation and full localisation is also recommended for high-value marketing campaigns. 
  3. Business Conferences/Interpreting: In high-stakes environments like business conferences, every word holds weight. Especially when it comes to live captions or interpreting, real-time understanding, context, and cultural background are paramount. Professional live captioners are preferable in these scenarios. 
  4. Films: Cinema is the universal language of emotions. Subtitles in movies do more than just translate dialogue; they convey the soul of the film, capturing emotions, humour, and cultural subtleties. While AI can provide a literal translation, the essence often requires a human touch.


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