International translation company, Wolfestone, has celebrated its 15th anniversary and unveiled an investment into an innovative ‘hybrid-first’ work environment – adopting new working practices and embracing the ‘office model of the future.’

With globally disperse employees in the UK, US, Germany and Romania, Wolfestone has long been a company that promotes remote work; however, improvements have now been made to the Swansea HQ to create a seamless experience between the home and office.

As a progressive employer, Wolfestone offers a flexible approach across the whole company and is is committed to adapting its headquarters to facilitate wider uptake of hybrid working, whilst futureproofing for a post-pandemic time. With the changes in restrictions allowing more office-based work, employees responded positively when given the option to return its head office. Wolfestone has reimagined this office space by focussing itself on a hybrid-first approach.

The new space allows employees to maintain and benefit from a positive company culture, centred around innovation and collaboration. Remote workers also benefit by being better connected to the headquarters thanks to improved technology and enhanced opportunities to collaborate. In contrast to complete office-work, a blended approach has proven to produce a better work-life balance, increase productivity and facilitates better safety measures (post COVID-19).

Improvements to the Wolfestone HQ include: an innovative layout with breakout space, a drop-in area for quick access, and monitors that allow for simple connection to portable laptops. Locally sourced, the inclusion of more plants also enhances the office experience by aiding office acoustics and improving air quality.

Alex-Michelle Parr, Group Managing Director, said:

“With this investment in becoming a hybrid-first business, we have shown our willingness to adapt to and embrace new working models that have proven to be effective over the course of the pandemic.

“Our employees will benefit from a blended-work environment, which focuses on safety, culture, and positive productivity, helping manage the challenges of pandemic working in a supportive and tangible way.”

About Wolfestone Group

Founded in 2006, Wolfestone has grown exponentially to become the largest language service provider in Wales and one of the largest independent and fastest-growing language service providers of its type in Europe.

Wolfestone Group has grown organically year-on-year. Providing a full-service offering for the language sector, Wolfestone Group enables clients to use one provider for all their language needs. The Group provides language and multimedia translation and localisation, along with language and cross-cultural training, to countless global organisations, including major brands, industry-leading media owners, publishers and broadcasters.